Join the ACS Cyber SEAL Program

In the new economy, an agile workforce is the new normal. The ACS Cyber SEAL Program is designed to attract the best and brightest Cybersecurity talent. We have found that most of the talent we are seeking cannot be hired through traditional means. We have developed this program to accommodate the needs of a growing segment of our workforce that is looking for more than just a job; a flexible and diverse venue to work with like-minded, world-class Cybersecurity professionals. ACS Cyber SEALS integrate seamlessly with existing teams and act as a catalyst for quick and decisive action, critical to next gen Cybersecurity services and solutions.

The typical profile of an ACS Cyber SEAL is a 15+ year veteran of Cybersecurity that can be dropped into any Cyber mission or engagement, individually or as a member of a team, and get the job done ... anytime, anywhere ... if a solution does not exist, the ACS Cyber SEAL will create one.

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